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Apr 25



To the ones we have lost, our hearts as cold as frost

As each day dissolves away, your memories are here to stay

We keep you alive inside, deep down where amnesia will never find

Life has never been the same but we still put up a brave face

And top it with a fake smile as we try to tame our sorrows

Reminiscing every shared moment, seeking atonement for any wrong

We still can’t stop the tears; we still can’t fight the fears of living without you

Running away from solitude, its shrewd intention to devour us with high magnitude gloom.

We still dream of a brighter day, a leeway into hopes domain

Where we shall meet agai...

Sep 04



It’s been less than a week since the Supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s win. The country is divided as to whether Maraga is a hero or a villain depending on their political affiliations. I personally don’t endorse either of the party but my primary concern as a citizen condemned to live in this country is rumination. Which is why I call Maraga and his team, villains. I believe their decision will bring more harm than good

Was it worth it to nullify the election?

First of all I agree that there were “technicalities” with the election but the question above should be at the back of every sane Kenyan citizen

I reckon that most Kenyans don’t play chess because if they did, they would look at the end game. They would look beyond ...

May 10



She is home alone in an apartment in Lavington. She can barely imagine that just a few months ago she was breaking bread with bed bugs at the school hostel. Things are now different, she is seated on Corinthian leather seats, Axminster leather carpet and everything luxurious thing her ego could accommodate. In her hand is a glass of wine, the finest that Italy could import. The metamorphosis from the streets to the castle was fast indeed evident not only by the apartment but more so by the Mercedes ben z car parked outside her apartment.

Her train of personal gentrification is cut short by a conceitous doorbell which she quickly runs to answer.

Her face lights up at the sight of her visitor. A burlesque man with a meek physic accompanied by a bulgin...

Feb 06



Theodore Roosevelt once said that a vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends on the character of the user.The election is just around the corner and the number of aspirants for different political seats is increasing by the day including our own Kapkatet ward.

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to interact with followers of different aspirants for our beloved Kapkatet ward. I got particularly interested in particular fellow, Willy Soy, judging by how noble people talked of him. I therefore endeavored to know more about him

Willy Soy was born and bred in kapkatet ward where ...

Jan 06



Strategically located in darkness’s domain, the obfuscous continent

Sick with corruption but immune to transparency. It’s the clemency we give to this thieving government

Susceptible to political deception, so common that it has become acceptable

Ready to die or kill based on political difference, our tribal coherence our ruin

Afraid to speak out when it matters and complains afterwards

Condemned to live in a lawless country with sultry and oppressive regimes

A debt full country we have become, even the unborn are in debt. If that’s not dreadful, I Don’t know what is

One family has always led (Kenyatta) and the other has always bled (Odinga) for what they call democracy but in the re...

Dec 29



The season of festivities it is, and I am on my way to upcountry to celebrate with my folks. A journey that used to take a whole day now takes only four hours, what a relief.

Is it only my case where the folks in upcountry have this deluded mentality that we mint billions every month and that our Kra returns average in millions. It’s like I work in the Diaspora. So every time you land there you experience another kind of not-so friendly form of taxation. SO, as usual I land at the town center and some of my child hood friends “who didn’t make it “are there, I cough some notes and give them.I then rush out like a mad man before I am left with only my exo- skeleton

I am home just in time. The wazees are sitting in a circle with a pot full of changa...

Nov 03



It was one of those lazy Saturdays. You decide to binge-watch Blacklist Season 3. Edi Gathegis performance is spectacular. You wonder how he has never been on Kenya’s Radar despite staring in multiple high budget films. That’s life right? Not everyone gets the credit they truly deserve. Only the lucky ones do.Your stomach grumbles notifying you that it has not registered anything since last night. You survey the kitchen area trying to find something that resembles a meal. It is literally a desert. No sign of life, even for the cockroaches. Your phone rings, perhaps the “skirt” that has been dodging your advances has finally come to her normal senses.

Sadly, it’s Mike informing you that he is on his way. Minutes later you hear a honk outside. That bastard always call...

Apr 02



I met her the other day, just like a wave she swept me off my gallant feet

Our worlds are miles apart but I will crawl through fire to meet her half way

She thinks it’s a good idea to visit me in the hood where food and humanity is scarce

I tell her that a single day in my hood and she will need therapy her whole life

She says her favorite meal is something round called pizza, I tell her I love them too but we call them chapattis in the hood.

She asks if I am a vegetarian because most times, she sees me chewing green leaves with peanuts.

I laugh out loud inside and tell her that we call it kuchana, and that’s it’s the sheesha version of the hood and believe...

Mar 22



They say that life is like a still pond, when you throw a pebble in a still pond, the pebble generates ripple effects which spread across the pond. We swim in the ripples that others have created. Similarly, others swim in the ripples we have created. The nature and magnitude of the ripples varies. Some generate huge tidal tsunami like waves that re write history while others just merely brush the surface. Others generate ripples that can be of good force while others of evil nature are generated as well. My aim is to stir this pond of ours (youth) because we have been swimming in the most unfavorable conditions as youths in...

Oct 09



What if I told you that I didn’t believe in angels up until the moment I lay my eyes upon you,

what if I told you that I was mesmerized by your auburn strawberry curved hair, what if I insisted that every time I look into your sculpted liquefied hazel eyes, I gladly drown.

What if I told you that I slipped and fell in love with you and now my heart is in ICU (intensive cupid unit)

What if I told you that am here to restore your heart and to build a wall greater than china around it, so as to ensure it stays unharmed

What if I told you I would compete with your shadow to be by your side during the day and light your way like the moon when you are in darkness

What if I told you I would always b...

Oct 09



This is me drawing inspiration from a continent with great expectation so allow me to hold this conversation for our lost generation. You can try to contain me or join me in my responsibility to create a disparity between Africa and the rest of the world because i believe we are better than the rest.

Africa it’s time to awake because I know we have what it takes to make Africa a better place if only we don’t discriminate since it leads to hate which we need to eliminate before it is too late. All I want is to use this opportunity to preach unity and conformity across all communities before we shift priorities and end up with bad policies which leads to casualties. It begins with you and me joining hands as friends and accepting the situation. It is then that we c...

Sep 14



Hi, how are you? It’s been like 16 hours 38 minutes and 12 no make that 13 seconds (but whose counting) since I popped the question. This then led to you walking out on me. My watch clocks at 12.00 am at night. Downstairs one can hear an irate husband beating the pulp out of his wife as usual. I used to wonder why she would always return back to her furious atrocious villainous husband of a man but lately I have become sagacious to think otherwise, seeing I always take you back. I can’t sleep, I keep thinking of your safety. None of your friends are replying to my texts not even one particular friend am closer with, perhaps adhering to some girl cod...

Sep 10


Image result for crippled young MAN CARTOON photo


Africa is moving, but the question is, is it moving towards right direction? Did our fore fathers play a role in our demise or perhaps it is our own doing. You still don’t get my drift? Our continent is no longer known as the Dark Continent that Ken Sarowiwa used to call it; we have evolved to something more seismic. I believe the word am looking for is nebulous or maybe obfuscous, let’s just settle for atramentous. We live in a passive society which is ...

Jun 15




If you were a sucker for the matrix trilogy like me then you might have been ecstatic for the release date of this series seeing that the wachowiskis would be play a major role in the show. I follow the wachowiskis closely and after their disappointing, unrealistic and boring Jupiter Ascending film, I hoped that this show would be their retribution. Finally the show premiered just the other week and I couldn’t wait to see it, as expected it was a science fiction with drama. Aside from it being created by the matrix guys, I had also read that some scenes would be shot in Nairobi and true to those words it was shot there. Screw those Blue scre...

Apr 25



Boxing may not be as popular as football in Kenya but unless you live on the moon then you must have heard about this fight. Some are even calling it the match of the century with revenues expected to break records. These two men are among the greatest boxers to ever grace the ring. Their rivalry can only be compared to the “Messi-Ronaldo” feud. On one corner of the ring we have Floyd Mayweather(whose nickname is money) who can be likened to cr7, Floyd has a brash persona, taller than Manny ,ego centric, arrogant and all about the “blings and fancy lifestyle”. On the other corner we have Manny who is as short as Messi, humble and very like...

Feb 25


Nyeri Civic Hack is an Embarrassment to Nyeri Tech Community.

Nyeri Civic Hack arena

Onset of November last year would mark a memorable moment in Nyeri as it hosted first Civic hacker event in Mt Kenya region [and perhaps Sub-saharan Africa, although as one twitter user pointed out, this remains a subject of debate]. The price tag on the event winners set at 100k [would later find out the amount was actually 50k, the other half would be split between first and second runners up in a 3:2 ratio] Math enough. The deal still looked attractive and in the spirit of hacking, worth giving a shot. However, one chap in our camp remained adamant about making a move. He would later give in and oblige to go [w...

Dec 29



Three dates in a week.

This may seem infinite simile to the alpha males out there but for a guy whose love life has always been with my younger sister who even now days neglects me and my other love being football was also going down the drain considering Arsenal’s start of the season, this was huge and I sure as hell was not gonna blow it. You see guys; I was always the shy kid who sat at the back of the class who apparently thought girls to be vampires. My friends even at one point thought I was gay (I hope they are reading). To give you a better understanding of the situation, allow me to profile one of my dates.

Mitchell (Hilton chic)

I am pretty sure you remember her; she is the chic who nearly melted my loins with hot coffee. It was rea...

Dec 23



The Hilton chic

It was on a Saturday and mike had invited me for a basketball game with some of his “elite” friends. When I say elite I mean the rich young men who can afford a hair cut worth1000

bob and not feel a pinch. I was a little bit short on cash and I didn’t mind jogging some distance thanks to my kalenjin traits. I arrived just in time to witness mikes elite friends park their guzzlers, it kinda made me connect with the song “uliza kiatu” considering I walked almost half the distance. His friends were like photocopies of him, one was Lucas, Theo and Adrian. We were suppose to go to the court first but the trio had not taken breakfast so we had to take a detour(do people still take breakfast, back in the hood there is something called combination...

Nov 21



My first day at work

I thought this day would never come, not only me but my folks. After much hard work…no! scratch that, after all my laziness, repeating class four twice, the punishments,

supplementaries and all those bull associated with 8-4-4 system I had now joined the working class. Of course my folks were happy for me but am sure down deep they

sympathized with the company that hired me, I would. I have to admit I was a little excited. It was now time for me to feel the pinch of recession and inflation. I woke up way before

the birds did (the earliest I had ever) to prepare for my first day at work, took a bath and wore the most expensive suit Abdi had to offer. Abdi is a guy I know from isili who deals with


Oct 09


​Could Bubblews be the biggest scam?

So everyone has been crazy about one site Bubblews in recent times. For those who haven't heard about it yet, then you are getting your hustle all wrong. Bubblews has this package that allows for users to make money through macro-blog postings. They describe themselves as a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network. Still, the emphasis is on profiting element. Now don't get too excited. Let me take you to the outset of the story line.

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  • Jul 26


    Torn Shirt

    Torn shirt

    It is minutes to Quality Control lecture. Today I’m shaky, not typical of me; the day has pretty much started on a wrong note. Perhaps this is what happens when one tries to attempt [polite word for copying] an assignment with the deadline beckoning.

    Then someone to my right bursts into a laughter. It is long enough not to ignore so I turn my head in response to the perturbation. His chin is visibly clear forming a smooth baseline for a rounded face. I can tell his mustache is freshly grown. He has no piercings or weird hairdo on. All this forms the basis of my conclusion; that this chap is a second year, besides the f...

    Jul 23


    ​Outcry as Teenage Missionary confesses to raping Kenyan minors.


    A 19 year old US citizen, Matthew Durham faces possible life imprisonment after US authorities learned of shocking crimes he allegedly committed on mission trip in Kenya.

    Matthew flew in with a group called Upendo, an organization that assists neglected Kenyan kids by providing basic needs and gospel.

    The suspect was volunteering at a local children's home where he committed the offenses with an Oklahoma court records indicating Matthew to having confessed to raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and making other kids watch his inhumane act.

    United States A...

    Jul 21


    KDF's Worst Nightmare off Battlefield

    Kenya's front-men in protecting our boundaries suffered a serious breach today courtesy of a group of hackers going by the name Anonymous. Kenya Defence Forces, popularly KDF might be steps ahead in containing the Al-shabaab group in Somalia but the length with which hacker group @Anon_0x03 took control of their official twitter account @kdfinfo raises serious questions. The motive behind it remained unclear. Notably, Major Emmanuel Chirchir, KDF's protocol/liason head suffered the same fate.

    Jul 12



    I thought my life was complete, that’s until I saw you, an artless piece of work from the creator, truly flawless.

    A master –piece of the highest pedigree, a gift no less from above, she is like sunshine after a life time of darkness.

    A beauty with no equal, so rare like a ruby, unless our kids become her sequel.

    There she was, the culprit responsible for doing this to me, like a flower in the desert truly -outstanding.

    Her radiance imprisons me in a state of tranquil; her smile alone is a powerful missile.

    With a rose in my hand and hope in my heart I move closer, read...

    Jun 29



    We live in a world where without laws and regulations we would be savages. The bro code is a one of a kind a set of rules that are meant to guide bros (a girl can be a bro) co-exist and have a mutually satisfying relationship. It is a code to live by and die for. Any woman (who is not a bro) found guilty of reading the code shall be ex-communicated. For the ignorant team testosterone out there, here is the code:-

    1.Bros before hoes-this means that you put your bros above female friends even your girlfriends. If you look at it keenly girlfriends come and go but your boys are always there.

    2.Have your bros back at all times, be it financially, spiritually or physically.

    3.The Alpha bros must always teach the younger bros a thing or two about li...

    May 30



    Hi honey, I am sure you are doing fine[because you were when I left in the morning]. The reason behind this, is because I have exactly twelve days to prepare for the World cup in all its glory. I am sure you have been wondering why I have been extra good this couple of months(Love and hip hop, love island, all the soap operas), well WORLD CUP is the answer. Consider it payment in advance. As from June14th 2018 I will be switching from “boy-friend mode” to

    May 22


    ​Randy or Moderate? Lessons from Nairobi News' closure.

    The nation woke up on Wednesday to sad news of Daily Nation's tabloid Nairobi News' closure, a move which they termed as necessitated by the paper's slow sales growth amid rising publishing costs. The paper was launched last November, barely a year ago at the Sankara hotel in presence of Nairobi governor Evans Kidero. It's entrance was stated by Nation's CEO Linus as a response to the growth of news market created by devolution. Months later, the question is what exactly went wrong?

    Arch rivals Standard Group had only launched The Nairobian months before, a fact that critics argued the new entrant was setup to compete with the former in a newspaper business that was at i...

    May 16


    ​No More Lies “Friend”

    Dear Friend,

    Hello compatriot or friend is it? You tell me … It's well past 1 a.m, I'm awake. Yes, I'm alive, seeing another day. How does that make you feel? Guess why I'm up this early to be a victim of Mt. Kenya's cold not a chance to enjoy my comfy bed's warmth? I could lie and say insomnia got the best of me but not today. I'm done with those cheap lies. Let me cut through the crap and get to it. I just couldn't sleep until I was sure I had 'crossed-over'. A ...

    May 15


    ​Africa’s Oldest National Park on Deathbed.

    Congo's Virunga National park could be no more courtesy of oil exploration pursuits. This is in direct defiance of request from the United Nations, conservation groups and the British government. The park is home to Africa's largest surviving population of mountain gorillas and hippos and includes mountain forests, wetlands, savanna grassland, volcanoes and lakes.

    Virunga National Park lies east of Democratic Republic of Congo, centered on Lake Edward and the Ruwenzori Mountains. It was created by Belgium’s King Albert I in 1925. Virunga contains roughly a quarter of 880 million gorillas that remain in the wild yet in this wake, a growing sense of crisis about the future of the park looms. The park once held the record for the largest hippo population. The story is d...

    May 14


    ​Kenya's newest musical force

    His voice can be described as soulful and palliative. Meet Iddi Hemed a steller vocalist who has unleashed a new genre dubbed “SWARNB” a fusion of rich spicy blend of Swahili poetry and RnB. If his already released works are anything to go by, then the best is in store for the singer.

    His journey started months ago when he contacted legendary music producer Ted Josiah via social media. The protégé who traces his roots from Mombasa is poised to be the next Diamond. He released his single Usijali that is ridding high with critical acclaim. The chap is currently working on his album set to be released later t...

    May 14


    Letter to My Future Wife

    I am pretty sure we haven’t met yet, have we? [if we have , GOD forbid], this is your faithful, honest husband impatiently waiting for you. As I prepare to welcome you into my humble abode, there are some ground rules I would wish to establish. Just as our country is governed by the constitution, I think it is imperative that we as a family have one too. I would have wished to involve you in the drafting of this constitution but since you are absent without apology[I wash my hands from guilt], you will just have to trust my decision, after all, I will pay for your dowry[handsomely of course] and also I get a pass as the Alpacino of the family. So here are the ground rules/commandments/laws [whichever you p...

    Apr 11


    Precautionary tips incase of terror attack

    Apparently, my future wife is in eminent danger due to increase in terrorism in our country. If I had the power I would bribe the terrorists to keep off from the location you are in, the only problem is I don’t know where you are. For future reference leave a comment and your contacts below. On a serious note though, I would hate for anymore Kenyans- Muslim or non Muslim to get hurt. So here as some precautionary tips for my future wife and my fellow Kenyans (arranged in order of priority).

    1. Be observant- always be aware of your surroundings, who you sit next to, people close to you especially among large ...

    Apr 08


    ​Why Dead Owino Refused to Go Home.

    You've probably heard of this in the whispers that's usually associated with the 'dead' talk. How could you not have heard of it when it was the first time Owino appeared on TV, only this time while he was fast asleep in a brown eucalyptus-made coffin, not a chance to celebrate this victory. It was that time that everyone dreads, especially city lovers. That time of the send-off. Quick burial arrangements by his next of kin saw Nyathiwa make a first visit to Nairobi to be part of the entourage that would see her departed son journey through to his right...

    Mar 19



    I try to keep my mind in line, just to confine my thoughts away from you

    The harder I conspire, the more it backfires on me

    I am left even more hypnotized and ammarsed by thoughts of you

    Since you came nothing has ever been the same

    My life now burns like a majestic flame

    Every time we meet, my heart beats and rejoices to the sweet rhythm of your warm comforting voice

    Time spent without you causes torment and I am left yearning for you the more

    The very thought of existing without you leaves me aching and shaking beyond words


    Mar 18


    Mother Nature at Work

    The sun will soon retire and the moon will commence its shift

    Darkness spread its wings as silence engulfs the vicinity

    Night creatures awaken and seize their moment

    Trees whisper loudly whilst they swing from side to side trying to dance to the cool breeze

    The distant howling of owls fight off the blowing wind

    Movement and noises everywhere create a steady pattern of infinite rhythm

    High above the sky, the stars twinkle as if in a competition to outshine each other

    From a distance, one can hear the roaring sound of water as they splash against the rocks

    The air quickly turns humid and within minute...

    Mar 17


    THEN and NOW

    A quick look at my young sister and I can't help myself from wondering about the generation she has been born into. Remember Great Wall Tv? Well, If you can't then you definitely belong to this new generation. Also, if you did not taste maziwa ya nyayo then you are my sister's agemate. For purposes of clarity, I have taken the liberty to do a quick comparison between her generation and mine.


    Back then, we played with cartons, self made cars, balls made out of polythene papers. The lucky ones got to

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  • Mar 17


    My Crush.

    I see you from a distance stunning as ever, like the stars existence adorns the universe

    Deep blue almond shaped eyes, glossy dark hair with the figure of an hourglass

    She [my crush] is a member of the elite, way out my league

    I, the ideal candidate and she the prim and proper examiner

    My optimistic yet unrealistic heart at war with my pessimistic mind

    The traffic lights of social class signaling red, what terrific odds to fight against

    Our worlds may be miles apart but I will always be close by, sharing in her smile

    To be honest it could be my pocket

    All the same I will speak my m...

    Mar 13



    Whatever has a beginning must have an ending. On that note, I officially announce my retirement from Team Mafisi association. It's been years and counting as a member and I have slowly been edged out by age factor in this quickly changing game. My vunja shingo days are over, time to retreat and enjoy my pension. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I am looking forward to it but there comes a time when one must retire and leave the bout to the young and energetic. It's been a successful run though but that's a story for another day.

    There are some who consider themselves lions in the jungle but truth is they are as fisi as they get. After graduating with honors from T...

    Mar 12




    I respect the fact that your name has a Kenya in it.

    I respect that your dad is one of the founding fathers of this nation.

    I respect that 6 million Kenyans chose you including me.

    I respect that you want the Kenyan population to grow[thanks to free maternity and laptops]

    I respect that you tell the youth to stop drinking and to build the nation[how ironic]

    It's not that my respect is worth anything to you but it could earn you a vote come 2017.

    However humourous this article may sound, I assure you it is of utmost solemnity.

    Mar 11



    I say to you today, my fellow Kenyans, even though we face the regrets of yesterday, the difficulties of today and the hurdles of tomorrow I still have a dream, yes! A dream that is deeply rooted within me. I have a dream that one day corruption and impunity will be a thing of the past, that Integrity Center will be rendered useless and will only be there for decoration purposes. In my dream the Kenyan judiciary system will be as transparent and as crystal as ever.

    I have a dream that leaders will be chosen based on the volumes of their character and not for any other wrong reason and that the leaders chosen will be driven by the will of the people and not by their own personal int...

    Mar 11


    ​MY EX

    I thought you were a forgotten past, locked away in an abyss never to reminisce

    Ship-wrecked in some deep ocean on my mind, forever lost never to be found

    But I guess I was wrong, today I stood the test and I almost passed it

    Since almost doesn’t count I failed it

    Not even my poor eye sight or the huge crowd could stop me from singly picking you

    Of all the things, all it took was your smile

    Yes, your seductive, gracious, beaming, incandescent smile

    I let my defenses down and the damages were immense

    Memories were set free, flashbacks too got unlocked

    It was like an exile returning hom...

    Mar 08



    I still remember that day vividly as if it were yesterday, Wednesday 21st of May 2005 at the Millennium Stadium(Cardiff) with over 70,000 people. Arsenal vs. Manchester United, the match was tense with each team failing to score even after extra time being added. After 120 goalless minutes, they went on penalties and Arsenal emerged winners becoming the first club to win on penalties. Van Nistelroy scored the first penalty for United while Lauren scored the first for Arsenal. Man United's second was taken by Scholes only for it to be saved by Lehman. ...

    Mar 08


    Campus Panorama

    Ever heard of the phrase 'you never know it until you have experienced it'? Well, me too[I just made that up]. If you haven’t been to campus then you have no idea what you are missing. It's like the promised land of every teenager, but in this case for you to get there, you must have a ticket[either good grades or money]. I have taken the liberty to highlight some milestones that defines a typical campus.


    This tops my list and you know why? Ask any campus student the longitude and latitude location of Anniversary Tower. It's one of those must-know places just like base ya chapo mbili na mix. This loan is not really for students b...

    Mar 07


    New breed of Kenyan Artists

    Volume set, neither too loud nor susurrus. A new jam plays. The song is totally insane. I have no idea the face behind the male voice though I can tell the female’s. Seconds later, Shazam has the answer. The song is dubbed Dumbalaand proves me right, the female voice is actually Sage Chemtai’s. The rapper happens to be Jay-A, at this moment I’ve no clue who he is. Same puzzle happens to have struck a colleague, a pointer to a shift in the musical see-saw. Welcome to the crop of Kenya’s new artists that are gracing the scene.

    I first got to know Sage early this year courtesy of the show Nairobi Sessions

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  • Mar 07


    I want to be like you.

    I want to smile at a girl and see her blush.

    Drink with the boys all weekend long and keep my wife at bay.

    Be muscular so I can hide my cowardice.

    Kill spiders without a lending hand, no screams

    Wake up no make-up, no weave.

    Take Physics and Chemistry.

    Watch horror movies all alone.

    And talk little.

    I want to take my rightful posture, pee while standing.

    Be a man in grief and cry deep in the night if need be.

    Be an heir too, father!

    No heels no more.

    Fight to prove a point.

    Have a deep voice and shift place i...

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