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Feb 06



Theodore Roosevelt once said that a vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends on the character of the user.The election is just around the corner and the number of aspirants for different political seats is increasing by the day including our own Kapkatet ward.

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to interact with followers of different aspirants for our beloved Kapkatet ward. I got particularly interested in particular fellow, Willy Soy, judging by how noble people talked of him. I therefore endeavored to know more about him

Willy Soy was born and bred in kapkatet ward where he has stayed all his life. He has a Bsc honors in double math and chemistry. He has also done post graduate course in pharmaceutical chemistry and marketing. He was a winner with an award at Oxford strategic planning in 2014. He has worked with various local and International organizations such as Cmetha & Medisel Kenya limited, German based company called Deng Org and Unichem. He is currently an educational business advisor at Oxford University Press East Africa serving the people of south rift.He has acquired a great deal of experience in both the health care and Education sector.

Willy soy is a born again Christian who serves as a choir Patron at AIC sosit. He also serves a board member of various schools such as Sosit shiners academy, Sosit mixed day& Sosit primary. He is also an academic chair at Chebitet and Butiik Secondary school. Willy also supports and sponsors Sosit FC, the local football club

What sets him apart from other candidates is his honesty and pragmatic nature. His hopeful insight into our community’s problems and his willingness to assist anyone and everyone. His commitment and accountability will promote an atmosphere of openness and transparency. No one would push for better quality reforms on education and health care than Him.

It’s high time we chose people who see these posts as a public service and not an opportunity to rob. He does not promise change, change is inevitable whether he wins or not. But if he does win, he promises positive change. You rarely find a leader who is passionate on people’s power through public participation. His main focus being intergrated real empowerment to youths, women and wazee. Such policies will craft our budding ward which has enormous promise for development

The choice is ours, if we want a ward of shared responsibilities and shared opportunities as well as transparency and accountability then Willy is the right man for the job. I hope that the enlightened people of Kapkatet ward use their rifles to good use and vote for Will Soy.

Don’t vote against someone, vote for someone

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