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Mar 08



I still remember that day vividly as if it were yesterday, Wednesday 21st of May 2005 at the Millennium Stadium(Cardiff) with over 70,000 people. Arsenal vs. Manchester United, the match was tense with each team failing to score even after extra time being added. After 120 goalless minutes, they went on penalties and Arsenal emerged winners becoming the first club to win on penalties. Van Nistelroy scored the first penalty for United while Lauren scored the first for Arsenal. Man United's second was taken by Scholes only for it to be saved by Lehman. All the remaining were scored with Patrick Vieira scoring the winning penalty. Not to get into too much details but the reason I took you down memory lane is because I believe arsenal will break their 8 year trophy drought this year to win their 11th FA cup. I have been holding my horses for fear of jinxing their FA run but after their 4-1 victory against Everton, screw it!!!!Contrary to what most people think (arsenal are a flame that will go out eventually), I believe they are a flame driven by will and hunger for a trophy. You don’t believe me! Here are the facts.

At the beginning of the season Arsenal started with a lot of injuries with play makers like Carzola, Chamberlain, Wallcot, Podolski, Sanogo, Diaby, Rosicky being unable to play and yet they managed to stay on top. Currently Arsenal cannot use the services of Wallcot and Ramsey but they are still holding on considering their roles were crucial in making arsenal stay at the top

Le prof also did his part by breaking his under spending monotony by signing Mesut Ozil for a record 42.5 million euro’s. Shit happened and they may not be ahead currently but for now as a gooner I will cherish this moment and hope that they will continue with their winning form as they head to Wembley. Personally I would not want arsenal proceed to the Champions League reason being that I think they should focus on FA because that’s where there are high chances of them winning . You know what they say “a bird in hand is worth two more in the bush” . Concerning the Premier League, the competition is tough but I would want arsenal to hang in there and with luck the blues and the citizens might slip and that will be their cue. I also look forward to them meeting with Chelsea and Manchester City. As I sign out, shout out to all gooners everywhere and I wish Arsenal all the best in Wembley.

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