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Jan 06


poetry /


Strategically located in darkness’s domain, the obfuscous continent

Sick with corruption but immune to transparency. It’s the clemency we give to this thieving government

Susceptible to political deception, so common that it has become acceptable

Ready to die or kill based on political difference, our tribal coherence our ruin

Afraid to speak out when it matters and complains afterwards

Condemned to live in a lawless country with sultry and oppressive regimes

A debt full country we have become, even the unborn are in debt. If that’s not dreadful, I Don’t know what is

One family has always led (Kenyatta) and the other has always bled (Odinga) for what they call democracy but in the real sense is anarchy

Our population is now deficient of honorable men, how abominable

Watching from aside like crocodiles that have eaten to their full, as the system proves itself the proverbial ass

Replacing one master for a duplicate, a devil for a devil as if we are bewitched, behaving like people without brains

Experience has never been our teacher but the nagging retard we can’t even tolerate the idea of listening to

Then we have religion, the opium of the masses as Marx calls it. So diluted it has become

So duped are the masses that they can’t even be rebuked, you even try and you will be labeled the devil’s advocate

Led by leeches that fleece on them unknowingly, sedated with the promise of WHO is to come

The misguided belief that only a particular person’s prayer is more likely to be answered by the Most High than theirs

We use footstubishis while they use Mitsubishis, as we hustle and survive, they thrive

Their children brag to our children on what we pay for, how’s that for the icing on the cake

Our Redemption is a revolution,the only way we can ever get absolution

This is the Kenyan way,

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