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Sep 04



It’s been less than a week since the Supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s win. The country is divided as to whether Maraga is a hero or a villain depending on their political affiliations. I personally don’t endorse either of the party but my primary concern as a citizen condemned to live in this country is rumination. Which is why I call Maraga and his team, villains. I believe their decision will bring more harm than good

Was it worth it to nullify the election?

First of all I agree that there were “technicalities” with the election but the question above should be at the back of every sane Kenyan citizen

I reckon that most Kenyans don’t play chess because if they did, they would look at the end game. They would look beyond their short lived victories or disappointments. Let’s look at the facts below

The Supreme Court nullified the elections that IEBC held but yet MANDATED the same IEBC to run the elections. Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. How do you expect the same unfit IEBC to conduct free and fair elections? Remember that this decision cannot be appealed or reversed. This is why Raila will not allow IEBC to oversee the election again (any sane candidate would not). He will either boycott the elections or call out the IEBC to resign

The only best alternative for Raila is to order a mass action (we all know that IEBC will not easily resign) until the body toll(Every Kenyan mass action always leads to deaths and a lot of injuries) can’t be ignored by the government, human rights activist and international community. After a new commission is formed, the next step would be to ensure the system cannot be hacked again and then order new ballot papers. All this cannot happen in 60 days.

We can even become optimistic and say that there will be a smooth transition into the new commission and the elections are held. Do you know that Raila or Uhuru must win with the 50% + 1? Failure to do this leads to a run-off (note that the election in November is a fresh elections). Let’s even become more optimistic and say someone will win with the 50% +1. Are you aware that the same Maraga can nullify the results yet again meaning we will have to do another election? Do you now see the precedent?

I haven’t even touched on the economic aspects. We lost billions in the stock trade just after the announcement, Foreign investors are afraid, businesses are at a standstill, the education sector is already in shambles, there are a lot of strikes being witnessed in the country that need to be addressed. Not forgetting the tense atmosphere in the country. Like I said, I am not affiliated to any party .My primary concern is the ripple effects caused by the decision of the Supreme Court.

What happens when the price of the so called democracy proves to be too costly? A situation where it brings more harm than good. I personally believe that we as country cannot afford to pay the price of the so called democracy currently. It’s much cheaper and safer to forfeit it at the moment until we come up with better transparent structures starting from the ground to the top. Besides, is Kenyan democracy not between two wolves and a lamb discussing what to eat? At least admit this if you don’t agree with every other sentence in this article.

NB :At the end of the day i think everyone stands corrected .

I am an aspiring infant political writer still learning the craft, so be gentle and candid enough with your criticism.

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