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Jul 12


poetry /


I thought my life was complete, that’s until I saw you, an artless piece of work from the creator, truly flawless.

A master –piece of the highest pedigree, a gift no less from above, she is like sunshine after a life time of darkness.

A beauty with no equal, so rare like a ruby, unless our kids become her sequel.

There she was, the culprit responsible for doing this to me, like a flower in the desert truly -outstanding.

Her radiance imprisons me in a state of tranquil; her smile alone is a powerful missile.

With a rose in my hand and hope in my heart I move closer, ready for a full encounter.

Every single second with her is a lifetime memory I will forever cherish.

With words unspoken her golden look confirms that my heart is truly stolen.

Her steady voice flowed like a river, gentle yet hypnotic to make me forget my troubles.

With her presence around me an empty space is filled and everything seems to fall into place.

We would make a good team, she the villain and I his sidekick or I the hero and she my partner, the world would be ours for the taking.

If only she could see herself through mine eyes then she would know how I exactly feel.

. For now I will climb mountains, swim across oceans, battle heaven and earth , whatever it takes to win her precious heart.

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