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Mar 17



A quick look at my young sister and I can't help myself from wondering about the generation she has been born into. Remember Great Wall Tv? Well, If you can't then you definitely belong to this new generation. Also, if you did not taste maziwa ya nyayo then you are my sister's agemate. For purposes of clarity, I have taken the liberty to do a quick comparison between her generation and mine.


Back then, we played with cartons, self made cars, balls made out of polythene papers. The lucky ones got to own a brick game but that meant one thing, their families were well off. Better still, if your dad happened to be a minister then you would own a game boy Nintendo. Even after computers came, the most violent game was Super Mario. Such games were physically challenging and not mentally exhausting BUT NOWADAYS!!!! Games have come up. Play Stations and X Boxes rules. Kids as young as four years play games like Mortal Kombat, Dungeons and Dragons, WWE, Taken, and even UFC. These games are very violent in nature. Now I sound anti-technology or omnish in any way, right? Man, I'm just doing a comparison.


BACK THEN cartoons helped build a kid's mind. Take an example of Flinstones which made my bro aspire to be an engineer or the case of Dexter that made me make my own little lab where I tried to invent things. Besides content, we had lots of humour in cartoons back then. Do you remember Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck? The only cartoon which had a villain was Power Puff Girls and he[mojojojo] would sometimes save the day. It's a different story these days with the screening of cartoons which encourages kids to be rude and defiant as in the case Ben 10 or Pokeman.


Punishments were as thorough and as heavy as the name suggests. Tools which would be considered as weapons of mass destruction by this new generation were used back then. Belts, hanging lines, ropes , sticks ,hands, and slippers. This tangible materials would leave evidence of their trails all over the body. BUT NOW!!! What the f***k is grounding. At first I thought it was something to do with the ground. Turns out I was way off point and mistaken. After much researching and studying, found it to be an act of being forced to stay in one's room which has a computer, wi-fi connection, play station, a 24 hour pizza delivery and a cell phone[how cool is that]. I mean who would have asked for more....


I owned my first mobile phone when I was 18 because back then there wasn’t really much use for a phone. The new generation kids as young as six not only have phones but androids, tablets, and galaxy notes that I can only ever dream of having.

I guess time changes, time to dust the past.

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