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Nov 03



It was one of those lazy Saturdays. You decide to binge-watch Blacklist Season 3. Edi Gathegis performance is spectacular. You wonder how he has never been on Kenya’s Radar despite staring in multiple high budget films. That’s life right? Not everyone gets the credit they truly deserve. Only the lucky ones do.Your stomach grumbles notifying you that it has not registered anything since last night. You survey the kitchen area trying to find something that resembles a meal. It is literally a desert. No sign of life, even for the cockroaches. Your phone rings, perhaps the “skirt” that has been dodging your advances has finally come to her normal senses.

Sadly, it’s Mike informing you that he is on his way. Minutes later you hear a honk outside. That bastard always calls when he is meters away. You hurriedly walk to go and open the gate for him

Outside, everyone is busy washing clothes. The ladies are dressed in skirts that can make handkerchiefs look like long dresses. Acre and acres of flesh are exposed . You wonder what their intentions are. All eyes are now fixed on me. They think I am a mute vampire who rarely gets out or talks to anyone. I walk past them like a hawker at the sight of kanjo.

Mike is driving a green silver Jeep.

“Hi dude, what you up to?”

“Nothing, just chilling inside watching blacklist.”

“Great! I have something in store for you, so get ready.”

I remove my pajamas, run to the bathroom and in no time we are headed out. Mike lets me take the wheel.

“You remember that time we were in Maasai Mara?, The photos we took there?”

Of course I did. I just nodded

“Well, I put them on my instagram account and a friend of mine thinks you are hot and would like to go on a date with you,”

I light up with excitement. “When?Next week?”


I almost hit the brake pedal. “C’mon man!” that’s too soon; I don’t even have the correct attire let alone the financial firepower to do so.”I lashed out

Mike smiled cynically, took out his phone and showed me her photos and Boy was I more than impressed.

“Relax, I got you covered, just say yes and I will take of the rest.”

Am never one to shy away from a challenge, so it was a definite yes

“I have already booked reservations; all you got to do is show up and have a good time”

Mike gave me a quick profile of my date. Her name was Nicole, a lady who just crawled to her mid twenties. She was a nurse by profession at some high end Hospital in south B. Her father is a famous “political broker “and her mum a professor at a local university.

We were now at some Porsche hotel in the middle of the city under sun (Nairobi). I was a bit tensed to say the least.

“This is for you;everything else is on the breast pocket”. I quickly turned from a hobo to Jason Statham in the transporter film. The suit mike handed me fit perfectly

“I will leave the car with you. In case you get lucky, bring her to my place, I won’t be around, Good luck mate”, and with that Mike exited the hotel. My palms were already sweating; I got out of the car and went in.

The guy at the front door had an inviting smile, his well spaced set of teeth tinged with pride.

“Welcome, sir!”( I looked back to see who he was referring to as sir, then it hit me). I could certainly get used to being called SIR. As a matter of fact from Now on you will be calling me Sir Brian.

Inside, I was met with an exceedingly beautiful lady. She was short; her hair flowed to her back. She had a pony tail which danced around as she walked.Her charming smile was visceral. “I will lead you to your table Sir” she chirruped.

“She must be special” she added. (I was clutching a rose in my hand)

“No, as a matter of fact am meeting her for the first time”, (of course I did not say that)

“Yeah she is, I love her to the moon and back”, (if only she knew)

Mike chose the perfect spot, away from the crowd, a spot in the balcony that overlooked the busy town. The scenery was epic. The cool breeze stroked my ego as I caressed my non-existent beard. Of course I arrived early but I didn’t mind. The excitement and nervousness was keeping me busy. Moments later I heard footsteps approaching. That’s when I turned and I saw her

She was dressed in blue minidress. The kind that lets you see just the right amount of flesh to arouse the pervert inside you. Who then initiates all kinds of fantasy in your head. Her hair glowed, cascading down her back. The curls on her head foamed luxuriously as they caressed her protruding fore head. I wish you could have seen her seductive eyes. They were like pools of chocolate you would gladly drown in. Her alluring succulent lips that were loudly painted red.A few inches down were her resistant breasts which effortlessly tried to fight off the brassiere that tried to contain them. With every step she took, they would jump up in rebellion, each trying to outwit the other.

I stood up to meet her halfway,

“You must be Brian,Hope i did not keep you waiting for long?"

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