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Mar 13


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Whatever has a beginning must have an ending. On that note, I officially announce my retirement from Team Mafisi association. It's been years and counting as a member and I have slowly been edged out by age factor in this quickly changing game. My vunja shingo days are over, time to retreat and enjoy my pension. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I am looking forward to it but there comes a time when one must retire and leave the bout to the young and energetic. It's been a successful run though but that's a story for another day.

There are some who consider themselves lions in the jungle but truth is they are as fisi as they get. After graduating with honors from Team Mafisi Varsity, I've decided to write my own “flames of fire” on some highlights during my Bachelor's in Fisiry course. Hopefully some freshas will learn a thing or two. The most important thing in the course is the hunting grounds. Pointer: you are a fisi but you have to think like a lion, remember it’s a jungle and survival is key. You have to know the right places for the right things. Here are some zones that never disappoint-:


Aside from spiritual nourishment, I couldn't help myself from noticing the wide array of smartly dressed preys. Trust me, if you want variety don’t miss going to church every Sunday. Avoid the font pew. Rather settle for the middle row, makes pouncing a little easier. Besides, you'd have avoided the sharp eyes of the clergyman as you take your occasional surveys between sermons.


Weddings are the perfect place for hunting. It does not matter whether you know anyone or not, it’s the only place you have a free pass to mingle. You can always lie about how you are related to someone there. During my time, I would always attend as many as four a week but hey, let's face it, that was then, times are changing. Nowadays most people resort to private weddings, a big blow to aspiring fisis or better still our sisters, fisirettes.


When I say events I don’t mean parties or bashes, I mean charitable events, walks/runs[take the case of matter heart run]. Such events expand your fisi database and besides you don’t have to search your medulla for a topic to talk about. The fact that it involves people from varied places makes it a tick. The competition is not always that stiff because of the large numbers making it one of those must attend for serious members.

Some places you never go hunting are bashes/parties or libraries. It never ends well, trust me. As I hang my coat, I wish the best to the existing, new and aspiring team mafisis.


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