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Jul 21


KDF's Worst Nightmare off Battlefield

Kenya's front-men in protecting our boundaries suffered a serious breach today courtesy of a group of hackers going by the name Anonymous. Kenya Defence Forces, popularly KDF might be steps ahead in containing the Al-shabaab group in Somalia but the length with which hacker group @Anon_0x03 took control of their official twitter account @kdfinfo raises serious questions. The motive behind it remained unclear. Notably, Major Emmanuel Chirchir, KDF's protocol/liason head suffered the same fate.

Oct 09


​Could Bubblews be the biggest scam?

So everyone has been crazy about one site Bubblews in recent times. For those who haven't heard about it yet, then you are getting your hustle all wrong. Bubblews has this package that allows for users to make money through macro-blog postings. They describe themselves as a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network. Still, the emphasis is on profiting element. Now don't get too excited. Let me take you to the outset of the story line.

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  • Feb 25


    Nyeri Civic Hack is an Embarrassment to Nyeri Tech Community.

    Nyeri Civic Hack arena

    Onset of November last year would mark a memorable moment in Nyeri as it hosted first Civic hacker event in Mt Kenya region [and perhaps Sub-saharan Africa, although as one twitter user pointed out, this remains a subject of debate]. The price tag on the event winners set at 100k [would later find out the amount was actually 50k, the other half would be split between first and second runners up in a 3:2 ratio] Math enough. The deal still looked attractive and in the spirit of hacking, worth giving a shot. However, one chap in our camp remained adamant about making a move. He would later give in and oblige to go [w...

    Sep 10


    Image result for crippled young MAN CARTOON photo


    Africa is moving, but the question is, is it moving towards right direction? Did our fore fathers play a role in our demise or perhaps it is our own doing. You still don’t get my drift? Our continent is no longer known as the Dark Continent that Ken Sarowiwa used to call it; we have evolved to something more seismic. I believe the word am looking for is nebulous or maybe obfuscous, let’s just settle for atramentous. We live in a passive society which is ...

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