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Mar 07


I want to be like you.

I want to smile at a girl and see her blush.

Drink with the boys all weekend long and keep my wife at bay.

Be muscular so I can hide my cowardice.

Kill spiders without a lending hand, no screams

Wake up no make-up, no weave.

Take Physics and Chemistry.

Watch horror movies all alone.

And talk little.

I want to take my rightful posture, pee while standing.

Be a man in grief and cry deep in the night if need be.

Be an heir too, father!

No heels no more.

Fight to prove a point.

Have a deep voice and shift place i...

Mar 11



I thought you were a forgotten past, locked away in an abyss never to reminisce

Ship-wrecked in some deep ocean on my mind, forever lost never to be found

But I guess I was wrong, today I stood the test and I almost passed it

Since almost doesn’t count I failed it

Not even my poor eye sight or the huge crowd could stop me from singly picking you

Of all the things, all it took was your smile

Yes, your seductive, gracious, beaming, incandescent smile

I let my defenses down and the damages were immense

Memories were set free, flashbacks too got unlocked

It was like an exile returning hom...

Mar 17


My Crush.

I see you from a distance stunning as ever, like the stars existence adorns the universe

Deep blue almond shaped eyes, glossy dark hair with the figure of an hourglass

She [my crush] is a member of the elite, way out my league

I, the ideal candidate and she the prim and proper examiner

My optimistic yet unrealistic heart at war with my pessimistic mind

The traffic lights of social class signaling red, what terrific odds to fight against

Our worlds may be miles apart but I will always be close by, sharing in her smile

To be honest it could be my pocket

All the same I will speak my m...

Mar 18


Mother Nature at Work

The sun will soon retire and the moon will commence its shift

Darkness spread its wings as silence engulfs the vicinity

Night creatures awaken and seize their moment

Trees whisper loudly whilst they swing from side to side trying to dance to the cool breeze

The distant howling of owls fight off the blowing wind

Movement and noises everywhere create a steady pattern of infinite rhythm

High above the sky, the stars twinkle as if in a competition to outshine each other

From a distance, one can hear the roaring sound of water as they splash against the rocks

The air quickly turns humid and within minute...

Mar 19



I try to keep my mind in line, just to confine my thoughts away from you

The harder I conspire, the more it backfires on me

I am left even more hypnotized and ammarsed by thoughts of you

Since you came nothing has ever been the same

My life now burns like a majestic flame

Every time we meet, my heart beats and rejoices to the sweet rhythm of your warm comforting voice

Time spent without you causes torment and I am left yearning for you the more

The very thought of existing without you leaves me aching and shaking beyond words


Jul 12



I thought my life was complete, that’s until I saw you, an artless piece of work from the creator, truly flawless.

A master –piece of the highest pedigree, a gift no less from above, she is like sunshine after a life time of darkness.

A beauty with no equal, so rare like a ruby, unless our kids become her sequel.

There she was, the culprit responsible for doing this to me, like a flower in the desert truly -outstanding.

Her radiance imprisons me in a state of tranquil; her smile alone is a powerful missile.

With a rose in my hand and hope in my heart I move closer, read...

Oct 09



What if I told you that I didn’t believe in angels up until the moment I lay my eyes upon you,

what if I told you that I was mesmerized by your auburn strawberry curved hair, what if I insisted that every time I look into your sculpted liquefied hazel eyes, I gladly drown.

What if I told you that I slipped and fell in love with you and now my heart is in ICU (intensive cupid unit)

What if I told you that am here to restore your heart and to build a wall greater than china around it, so as to ensure it stays unharmed

What if I told you I would compete with your shadow to be by your side during the day and light your way like the moon when you are in darkness

What if I told you I would always b...

Oct 09



This is me drawing inspiration from a continent with great expectation so allow me to hold this conversation for our lost generation. You can try to contain me or join me in my responsibility to create a disparity between Africa and the rest of the world because i believe we are better than the rest.

Africa it’s time to awake because I know we have what it takes to make Africa a better place if only we don’t discriminate since it leads to hate which we need to eliminate before it is too late. All I want is to use this opportunity to preach unity and conformity across all communities before we shift priorities and end up with bad policies which leads to casualties. It begins with you and me joining hands as friends and accepting the situation. It is then that we c...

Apr 02



I met her the other day, just like a wave she swept me off my gallant feet

Our worlds are miles apart but I will crawl through fire to meet her half way

She thinks it’s a good idea to visit me in the hood where food and humanity is scarce

I tell her that a single day in my hood and she will need therapy her whole life

She says her favorite meal is something round called pizza, I tell her I love them too but we call them chapattis in the hood.

She asks if I am a vegetarian because most times, she sees me chewing green leaves with peanuts.

I laugh out loud inside and tell her that we call it kuchana, and that’s it’s the sheesha version of the hood and believe...

Jan 06



Strategically located in darkness’s domain, the obfuscous continent

Sick with corruption but immune to transparency. It’s the clemency we give to this thieving government

Susceptible to political deception, so common that it has become acceptable

Ready to die or kill based on political difference, our tribal coherence our ruin

Afraid to speak out when it matters and complains afterwards

Condemned to live in a lawless country with sultry and oppressive regimes

A debt full country we have become, even the unborn are in debt. If that’s not dreadful, I Don’t know what is

One family has always led (Kenyatta) and the other has always bled (Odinga) for what they call democracy but in the re...

Apr 25



To the ones we have lost, our hearts as cold as frost

As each day dissolves away, your memories are here to stay

We keep you alive inside, deep down where amnesia will never find

Life has never been the same but we still put up a brave face

And top it with a fake smile as we try to tame our sorrows

Reminiscing every shared moment, seeking atonement for any wrong

We still can’t stop the tears; we still can’t fight the fears of living without you

Running away from solitude, its shrewd intention to devour us with high magnitude gloom.

We still dream of a brighter day, a leeway into hopes domain

Where we shall meet agai...

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