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Mar 13



Whatever has a beginning must have an ending. On that note, I officially announce my retirement from Team Mafisi association. It's been years and counting as a member and I have slowly been edged out by age factor in this quickly changing game. My vunja shingo days are over, time to retreat and enjoy my pension. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I am looking forward to it but there comes a time when one must retire and leave the bout to the young and energetic. It's been a successful run though but that's a story for another day.

There are some who consider themselves lions in the jungle but truth is they are as fisi as they get. After graduating with honors from T...

Apr 08


​Why Dead Owino Refused to Go Home.

You've probably heard of this in the whispers that's usually associated with the 'dead' talk. How could you not have heard of it when it was the first time Owino appeared on TV, only this time while he was fast asleep in a brown eucalyptus-made coffin, not a chance to celebrate this victory. It was that time that everyone dreads, especially city lovers. That time of the send-off. Quick burial arrangements by his next of kin saw Nyathiwa make a first visit to Nairobi to be part of the entourage that would see her departed son journey through to his right...

May 14


Letter to My Future Wife

I am pretty sure we haven’t met yet, have we? [if we have , GOD forbid], this is your faithful, honest husband impatiently waiting for you. As I prepare to welcome you into my humble abode, there are some ground rules I would wish to establish. Just as our country is governed by the constitution, I think it is imperative that we as a family have one too. I would have wished to involve you in the drafting of this constitution but since you are absent without apology[I wash my hands from guilt], you will just have to trust my decision, after all, I will pay for your dowry[handsomely of course] and also I get a pass as the Alpacino of the family. So here are the ground rules/commandments/laws [whichever you p...

May 30



Hi honey, I am sure you are doing fine[because you were when I left in the morning]. The reason behind this, is because I have exactly twelve days to prepare for the World cup in all its glory. I am sure you have been wondering why I have been extra good this couple of months(Love and hip hop, love island, all the soap operas), well WORLD CUP is the answer. Consider it payment in advance. As from June14th 2018 I will be switching from “boy-friend mode” to

Jun 29



We live in a world where without laws and regulations we would be savages. The bro code is a one of a kind a set of rules that are meant to guide bros (a girl can be a bro) co-exist and have a mutually satisfying relationship. It is a code to live by and die for. Any woman (who is not a bro) found guilty of reading the code shall be ex-communicated. For the ignorant team testosterone out there, here is the code:-

1.Bros before hoes-this means that you put your bros above female friends even your girlfriends. If you look at it keenly girlfriends come and go but your boys are always there.

2.Have your bros back at all times, be it financially, spiritually or physically.

3.The Alpha bros must always teach the younger bros a thing or two about li...

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