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Jul 23


​Outcry as Teenage Missionary confesses to raping Kenyan minors.


A 19 year old US citizen, Matthew Durham faces possible life imprisonment after US authorities learned of shocking crimes he allegedly committed on mission trip in Kenya.

Matthew flew in with a group called Upendo, an organization that assists neglected Kenyan kids by providing basic needs and gospel.

The suspect was volunteering at a local children's home where he committed the offenses with an Oklahoma court records indicating Matthew to having confessed to raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and making other kids watch his inhumane act.

United States A...

Mar 22



They say that life is like a still pond, when you throw a pebble in a still pond, the pebble generates ripple effects which spread across the pond. We swim in the ripples that others have created. Similarly, others swim in the ripples we have created. The nature and magnitude of the ripples varies. Some generate huge tidal tsunami like waves that re write history while others just merely brush the surface. Others generate ripples that can be of good force while others of evil nature are generated as well. My aim is to stir this pond of ours (youth) because we have been swimming in the most unfavorable conditions as youths in...

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