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Mar 11



I say to you today, my fellow Kenyans, even though we face the regrets of yesterday, the difficulties of today and the hurdles of tomorrow I still have a dream, yes! A dream that is deeply rooted within me. I have a dream that one day corruption and impunity will be a thing of the past, that Integrity Center will be rendered useless and will only be there for decoration purposes. In my dream the Kenyan judiciary system will be as transparent and as crystal as ever.

I have a dream that leaders will be chosen based on the volumes of their character and not for any other wrong reason and that the leaders chosen will be driven by the will of the people and not by their own personal int...

Mar 12




I respect the fact that your name has a Kenya in it.

I respect that your dad is one of the founding fathers of this nation.

I respect that 6 million Kenyans chose you including me.

I respect that you want the Kenyan population to grow[thanks to free maternity and laptops]

I respect that you tell the youth to stop drinking and to build the nation[how ironic]

It's not that my respect is worth anything to you but it could earn you a vote come 2017.

However humourous this article may sound, I assure you it is of utmost solemnity.

Mar 17



A quick look at my young sister and I can't help myself from wondering about the generation she has been born into. Remember Great Wall Tv? Well, If you can't then you definitely belong to this new generation. Also, if you did not taste maziwa ya nyayo then you are my sister's agemate. For purposes of clarity, I have taken the liberty to do a quick comparison between her generation and mine.


Back then, we played with cartons, self made cars, balls made out of polythene papers. The lucky ones got to

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  • Apr 08


    ​Why Dead Owino Refused to Go Home.

    You've probably heard of this in the whispers that's usually associated with the 'dead' talk. How could you not have heard of it when it was the first time Owino appeared on TV, only this time while he was fast asleep in a brown eucalyptus-made coffin, not a chance to celebrate this victory. It was that time that everyone dreads, especially city lovers. That time of the send-off. Quick burial arrangements by his next of kin saw Nyathiwa make a first visit to Nairobi to be part of the entourage that would see her departed son journey through to his right...

    Apr 11


    Precautionary tips incase of terror attack

    Apparently, my future wife is in eminent danger due to increase in terrorism in our country. If I had the power I would bribe the terrorists to keep off from the location you are in, the only problem is I don’t know where you are. For future reference leave a comment and your contacts below. On a serious note though, I would hate for anymore Kenyans- Muslim or non Muslim to get hurt. So here as some precautionary tips for my future wife and my fellow Kenyans (arranged in order of priority).

    1. Be observant- always be aware of your surroundings, who you sit next to, people close to you especially among large ...

    May 16


    ​No More Lies “Friend”

    Dear Friend,

    Hello compatriot or friend is it? You tell me … It's well past 1 a.m, I'm awake. Yes, I'm alive, seeing another day. How does that make you feel? Guess why I'm up this early to be a victim of Mt. Kenya's cold not a chance to enjoy my comfy bed's warmth? I could lie and say insomnia got the best of me but not today. I'm done with those cheap lies. Let me cut through the crap and get to it. I just couldn't sleep until I was sure I had 'crossed-over'. A ...

    May 22


    ​Randy or Moderate? Lessons from Nairobi News' closure.

    The nation woke up on Wednesday to sad news of Daily Nation's tabloid Nairobi News' closure, a move which they termed as necessitated by the paper's slow sales growth amid rising publishing costs. The paper was launched last November, barely a year ago at the Sankara hotel in presence of Nairobi governor Evans Kidero. It's entrance was stated by Nation's CEO Linus as a response to the growth of news market created by devolution. Months later, the question is what exactly went wrong?

    Arch rivals Standard Group had only launched The Nairobian months before, a fact that critics argued the new entrant was setup to compete with the former in a newspaper business that was at i...

    Jul 26


    Torn Shirt

    Torn shirt

    It is minutes to Quality Control lecture. Today I’m shaky, not typical of me; the day has pretty much started on a wrong note. Perhaps this is what happens when one tries to attempt [polite word for copying] an assignment with the deadline beckoning.

    Then someone to my right bursts into a laughter. It is long enough not to ignore so I turn my head in response to the perturbation. His chin is visibly clear forming a smooth baseline for a rounded face. I can tell his mustache is freshly grown. He has no piercings or weird hairdo on. All this forms the basis of my conclusion; that this chap is a second year, besides the f...

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