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Nov 21



My first day at work

I thought this day would never come, not only me but my folks. After much hard work…no! scratch that, after all my laziness, repeating class four twice, the punishments,

supplementaries and all those bull associated with 8-4-4 system I had now joined the working class. Of course my folks were happy for me but am sure down deep they

sympathized with the company that hired me, I would. I have to admit I was a little excited. It was now time for me to feel the pinch of recession and inflation. I woke up way before

the birds did (the earliest I had ever) to prepare for my first day at work, took a bath and wore the most expensive suit Abdi had to offer. Abdi is a guy I know from isili who deals with


Dec 23



The Hilton chic

It was on a Saturday and mike had invited me for a basketball game with some of his “elite” friends. When I say elite I mean the rich young men who can afford a hair cut worth1000

bob and not feel a pinch. I was a little bit short on cash and I didn’t mind jogging some distance thanks to my kalenjin traits. I arrived just in time to witness mikes elite friends park their guzzlers, it kinda made me connect with the song “uliza kiatu” considering I walked almost half the distance. His friends were like photocopies of him, one was Lucas, Theo and Adrian. We were suppose to go to the court first but the trio had not taken breakfast so we had to take a detour(do people still take breakfast, back in the hood there is something called combination...

Dec 29



Three dates in a week.

This may seem infinite simile to the alpha males out there but for a guy whose love life has always been with my younger sister who even now days neglects me and my other love being football was also going down the drain considering Arsenal’s start of the season, this was huge and I sure as hell was not gonna blow it. You see guys; I was always the shy kid who sat at the back of the class who apparently thought girls to be vampires. My friends even at one point thought I was gay (I hope they are reading). To give you a better understanding of the situation, allow me to profile one of my dates.

Mitchell (Hilton chic)

I am pretty sure you remember her; she is the chic who nearly melted my loins with hot coffee. It was rea...

Sep 14



Hi, how are you? It’s been like 16 hours 38 minutes and 12 no make that 13 seconds (but whose counting) since I popped the question. This then led to you walking out on me. My watch clocks at 12.00 am at night. Downstairs one can hear an irate husband beating the pulp out of his wife as usual. I used to wonder why she would always return back to her furious atrocious villainous husband of a man but lately I have become sagacious to think otherwise, seeing I always take you back. I can’t sleep, I keep thinking of your safety. None of your friends are replying to my texts not even one particular friend am closer with, perhaps adhering to some girl cod...

Nov 03



It was one of those lazy Saturdays. You decide to binge-watch Blacklist Season 3. Edi Gathegis performance is spectacular. You wonder how he has never been on Kenya’s Radar despite staring in multiple high budget films. That’s life right? Not everyone gets the credit they truly deserve. Only the lucky ones do.Your stomach grumbles notifying you that it has not registered anything since last night. You survey the kitchen area trying to find something that resembles a meal. It is literally a desert. No sign of life, even for the cockroaches. Your phone rings, perhaps the “skirt” that has been dodging your advances has finally come to her normal senses.

Sadly, it’s Mike informing you that he is on his way. Minutes later you hear a honk outside. That bastard always call...

Dec 29



The season of festivities it is, and I am on my way to upcountry to celebrate with my folks. A journey that used to take a whole day now takes only four hours, what a relief.

Is it only my case where the folks in upcountry have this deluded mentality that we mint billions every month and that our Kra returns average in millions. It’s like I work in the Diaspora. So every time you land there you experience another kind of not-so friendly form of taxation. SO, as usual I land at the town center and some of my child hood friends “who didn’t make it “are there, I cough some notes and give them.I then rush out like a mad man before I am left with only my exo- skeleton

I am home just in time. The wazees are sitting in a circle with a pot full of changa...

May 10



She is home alone in an apartment in Lavington. She can barely imagine that just a few months ago she was breaking bread with bed bugs at the school hostel. Things are now different, she is seated on Corinthian leather seats, Axminster leather carpet and everything luxurious thing her ego could accommodate. In her hand is a glass of wine, the finest that Italy could import. The metamorphosis from the streets to the castle was fast indeed evident not only by the apartment but more so by the Mercedes ben z car parked outside her apartment.

Her train of personal gentrification is cut short by a conceitous doorbell which she quickly runs to answer.

Her face lights up at the sight of her visitor. A burlesque man with a meek physic accompanied by a bulgin...

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