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Jun 15




If you were a sucker for the matrix trilogy like me then you might have been ecstatic for the release date of this series seeing that the wachowiskis would be play a major role in the show. I follow the wachowiskis closely and after their disappointing, unrealistic and boring Jupiter Ascending film, I hoped that this show would be their retribution. Finally the show premiered just the other week and I couldn’t wait to see it, as expected it was a science fiction with drama. Aside from it being created by the matrix guys, I had also read that some scenes would be shot in Nairobi and true to those words it was shot there. Screw those Blue screens and C

GI stuff. When I watch movies in which Kenya is featured (the first grader) or even mentioned (identity thief) , it fills me with a tinge of pride. I know we are in Kenya and you don’t care what Netflix or HBO so I will get to it.

First of all the poster for sense8 is dull and plain I will however give them credit as it gives a highlight on what the series is about. Sense8 tells the story about eight strangers with different cultures and who live in different parts of the world. While living their ordinary lives, they each have a vision of a lady killing herself, apparently when the lady died this eight strangers were reborn as sensates meaning they were now mentally and emotionally connected. They were now able to communicate, sense each other, use each other’s knowledge, skill and even speak in each other’s language. The show goes on about how they try to understand their connection and how they help each other in their lives. Obviously there is a secret organization out to hunt and kill them. the show also features a significant Kenyan cast like Paul ogolla from Nairobi half life,some teacher in tahidishow and also some guy who plays in Mali( am ashamed I do not know Kenyan actors names),

My take

You should definitely watch it, it isn’t awesome and its definitely not whack. It borders between better and best. They show gives too many explanations and stories leaving no room for thoughts. This is also the first show I have seen that has heavily featured Nairobi in. The story line is captivating enough to let you watch but at some point you just want to forward it to the interesting part. I do however commend the cast and the diversity of the show, the script was awesome although I had a problem with the Kenyan script (the thugs curse too much and unnecessarily). It was also disappointing that they couldn’t find a true Kenyan to play the part capheus. One can easily tell that the guy is not Kenyan thanks to his accent. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a rating of 7. Buy some popcorn and enjoy the show

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