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May 16


​No More Lies “Friend”

Dear Friend,

Hello compatriot or friend is it? You tell me … It's well past 1 a.m, I'm awake. Yes, I'm alive, seeing another day. How does that make you feel? Guess why I'm up this early to be a victim of Mt. Kenya's cold not a chance to enjoy my comfy bed's warmth? I could lie and say insomnia got the best of me but not today. I'm done with those cheap lies. Let me cut through the crap and get to it. I just couldn't sleep until I was sure I had 'crossed-over'. A norm since you started behaving as if we were in a competition.

Let's go back to when we barely knew the other existed. I had a life you know … Then in came you. We ushered each other into our lives, a thought I resented from the word go but then figured it was worth a shot. Months later I feel like hitting “unfriend” button.[how I wish it was that easy]. I want to “unknow” you. We now leave in pretense. Perhaps you enjoy that, do you? Cold hugs after spitting on my name in the glare of our mutual circles. Maybe we should have signed a pact that barred you from sharing my deepest secrets. How could you?

And what's with that look when I told you of my recent success story. The way you twitched your eyes... The sudden silence then shift to “how Ebola could find it's way to Kenya” story. Come on, are we're like in sixth grade or something?. Word of advice to anyone out there about to fall victim to such prey, they look normal. I respect the fact that yellow is your favorite colour, mine is blue, live with that. I'm a teetotaler so next time come with a yoghurt if you've to pull that “I bought you a beer” gesture. And by the way, I feigned the “LOL” on your tweet the other day. Felt like you had put a gun on my head for that retweet. Not that you're not funny, I mean you and Teacher Wanjiku could form a team.

I'm now afraid of making new friends. Why shouldn't I when maybe there could be more like you out there. More that brag day-night. More that never shut up. More grown ups in diapers. I could go on and on..

2 a.m: ticked 16th on my calender, you can swallow that.

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