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Nov 21



My first day at work

I thought this day would never come, not only me but my folks. After much hard work…no! scratch that, after all my laziness, repeating class four twice, the punishments,

supplementaries and all those bull associated with 8-4-4 system I had now joined the working class. Of course my folks were happy for me but am sure down deep they

sympathized with the company that hired me, I would. I have to admit I was a little excited. It was now time for me to feel the pinch of recession and inflation. I woke up way before

the birds did (the earliest I had ever) to prepare for my first day at work, took a bath and wore the most expensive suit Abdi had to offer. Abdi is a guy I know from isili who deals with

suits, he had allowed me to pay for the suit in installments since I could not afford it. There I was, waiting for a matatu in what seemed like alien clothing, the people around me didn’t

help, it was as if they knew it was my first time in a suit or perhaps Abdi had sent spies to ensure I did not put the suit in harm’s way. I quickly boarded a matatu to avoid the

increasing glances. Upon alighting my destination the first building I saw was the anniversary towers (is it normally this tall?)Then it hit me “TIME TO PAY YOUR HELB LOAN”…I

walked past there in a rush facing down afraid that the building would scream at me alerting the whole world that I was a creditor on the loose. Its funny how I was ecstatic when

receiving the loan and gladly giving it to East African Breweries limited and now when it’s time to pay up I am very reluctant. In future I would buy shares in EABL seems like a

reasonable investment.

My workplace was located in nice building, an indication of their hefty packages I hoped. Now, I had never used a lift before therefore I was terrified and I would have used the stairs if

my station was not in the 30th floor so I stood there trying to mask my ignorance. An askari tore through my mask and came to my rescue, I would buy him a beer with my first pay

cheque, I said inwardly. I went straight to the human resource department where I was issued my access card and shown to my station.There were about six people there and as

soon as I walked in, all their antennas were up; sharks and they had smelt blood. I remembered this feeling when I joined high school, not knowing what is expected or anyone for

that matter. At my station all I could do was play flappy bird and temple run, after all, the HRM boss told me to take it easy.

As soon as the boss left, the guys came and introduced themselves. One was tall, had a chiseled face with a pointed nose and chin, upbeat and could talk very fast. His neat

dressing code indicated a woman’s touch meaning he was engaged soon to be married or married already. That was Tony, then there was Mike, it was like he just came from

shooting the movie 300. He was heavily built with a perfectly sculptured face not to forget insanely handsome (bro-mance). One quick look at him and you would notice his

charisma. The kind of guy who can use a sleazy pick up line on a chic and get a hug plus the number and not what the rest of us the male species get (a slap), a classic Casanova

I was already envious. We started talking football and within no time the 10.0 am break was up, tony signaled the way and I followed suit.

At the cafeteria people sat in classes( a typical society), there were the upper management drenched in their expensive Italian three piece suits probably tailor made talking about

how they bought shares in company A or when they last went outside the country. Their food was also different, sandwiches, bacon and lots of thing I am yet to know about. The

second class the middle class, people in their late thirties and early forties. They mainly talked about the future, mortgages and how the loans are becoming a problem to pay and

complained about the economy. Then there was us, late twenties and early thirties still trying to figure out life and yet ignorant about the future.

We sat at the furthest corner away from the rest who seemed to look down on us. The cafeteria lady brought us our snacks but I noticed that they were similar to those that the big

guys were eating. Tony noticed my amazement and gestured at Mike. Of course Mike had a hand in this; every girl in the workplace was probably entangled in his cob web. We

were deep in our conversation when we heard a distant tapping noise; the noise became clearer that it was a chic in heels. The whole cafeteria came to a standstill when they saw

who she was. Not even James bond could maintain his cool; the ladies on the other hand quickly put on envious masks. Then my eyes stumbled upon her, her dark hair flowed as

the stream of curls complemented her glowing visage. She was radiant with big brown sparkling emerald shaped eyes and a nose which perfectly went in line with her cheek bones not forgetting her porcelain smooth skin. Her short skirt was trying as best as it could to hold on to her big defying buttocks whilst her pink bra seemed to be doing a terrible job in

containing her big melons. Finally, her caramel legs served as a perfect introduction for her yellow fleshy thighs. I could have sworn I felt a movement below my waist by just looking

at her.

She was Ann the daughter’s boss; this meant that she was out of bounce for all team MAFISI in the entire office. Ann went straight to her dads table, gave him a peck on the cheek

and sat there. Tony hastily pointed at the clock signaling that break time was over, we fastened out of the cafeteria stealing as many glances as we could hoping that our

photographic memories would do us proud. Since it was my first day at work I was done by afternoon so I bid the guys goodbye and headed home. My first day wasn’t quite as bad

as I thought, actually it was a success. I could not board the elevator by myself so I had to wait for someone who eventually came after what seemed like a life time.The guy alighted

at the third floor and since I was too stupid to ask for help I alighted with him and I decided to use the stairs for the rest of the floors after all, it was only two floors down. The stairs

led to the parking bay and as I was heading out I noticed a familiar figure up ahead. From the look of it, she was bent which made it difficult for her skirt to hug her huge bottoms.

Could it be fate pulling a fast one on me? Ann seemed to have a flat Tyre and she was cluelessly trying to fix it. I quickened my pace and mumbled,” Do you need a hand?” she

looked up like a helpless child would at the sight of its mother and said ,”yes, please”……………………………….

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