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Mar 11


poetry /


I thought you were a forgotten past, locked away in an abyss never to reminisce

Ship-wrecked in some deep ocean on my mind, forever lost never to be found

But I guess I was wrong, today I stood the test and I almost passed it

Since almost doesn’t count I failed it

Not even my poor eye sight or the huge crowd could stop me from singly picking you

Of all the things, all it took was your smile

Yes, your seductive, gracious, beaming, incandescent smile

I let my defenses down and the damages were immense

Memories were set free, flashbacks too got unlocked

It was like an exile returning home, all the hard work I put in discounting your very existence was destroyed

How Am I suppose to continue living if my mind is still stuck in the past

I know am nuts and probably crazy, but tell me something I don’t already know

Because what I do know is that I am and forever will be in love with you

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