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Mar 17


poetry /

My Crush.

I see you from a distance stunning as ever, like the stars existence adorns the universe

Deep blue almond shaped eyes, glossy dark hair with the figure of an hourglass

She [my crush] is a member of the elite, way out my league

I, the ideal candidate and she the prim and proper examiner

My optimistic yet unrealistic heart at war with my pessimistic mind

The traffic lights of social class signaling red, what terrific odds to fight against

Our worlds may be miles apart but I will always be close by, sharing in her smile

To be honest it could be my pocket

All the same I will speak my mind and try to put it behind me,t

I will always be far enough for you not to notice but close enough to come to your rescue

Had we “happened”, then I would have done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness.


I know I must move on with my life in hope of finding my future wife

Although my spirit free you have set but a special place for you in my heart I have kept

I wish nothing but the best for you

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