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Mar 18


poetry /

Mother Nature at Work

The sun will soon retire and the moon will commence its shift

Darkness spread its wings as silence engulfs the vicinity

Night creatures awaken and seize their moment

Trees whisper loudly whilst they swing from side to side trying to dance to the cool breeze

The distant howling of owls fight off the blowing wind

Movement and noises everywhere create a steady pattern of infinite rhythm

High above the sky, the stars twinkle as if in a competition to outshine each other

From a distance, one can hear the roaring sound of water as they splash against the rocks

The air quickly turns humid and within minutes loud raindrops race to quench the earths thirst

After a fruitless struggle, the soil finally gives in, swept away to the unknown

The day quickly closes in on the night

The night guards hastily warn the night dwellers of their pending fate

As the sun rises, calm returns and the birds form an orchestra

Ready to fill the air with their rhythmic flow

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