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Mar 11



I say to you today, my fellow Kenyans, even though we face the regrets of yesterday, the difficulties of today and the hurdles of tomorrow I still have a dream, yes! A dream that is deeply rooted within me. I have a dream that one day corruption and impunity will be a thing of the past, that Integrity Center will be rendered useless and will only be there for decoration purposes. In my dream the Kenyan judiciary system will be as transparent and as crystal as ever.

I have a dream that leaders will be chosen based on the volumes of their character and not for any other wrong reason and that the leaders chosen will be driven by the will of the people and not by their own personal interest. In that same dream presidents and MPS mingled with wanjiku freely all for the benefit of our beautiful country.

I have a dream that youths will get employed as soon as they finish their education and won’t have to work at 'Kenya tarmacking network'. In my dream the youth fund will actually reach the youth who will in turn use it properly.

I have a dream that churches will be Gods house and not a business premise and that pastors and preachers will spread the true gospel of Christ and not the earthly panda mbegu gospel for their own gain and also Kenyans would in turn heed to Gods calling and messages.

I have a dream that whistle blowers will be considered heroes and heroines and even monuments will be erected in their honor. That Kenya will be a safe haven with no exiles.

I have a dream that Kenyan athletes will be patriotic to their country and that athletics association of Kenya will do everything in their power to keep it that way. I have a dream that harambee stars will qualify for the world cup and that more Kenyans will play professional football in other continents.

I have a dream that social networks will be used for the greater good of all to build this great nation and not to destroy it. In my dream Kenyans on twitter participated in constructive arguments and not mocking or insults.

I have a dream that the media will use their constitutional right correctly and efficiently for the good of Kenya. In my dream, drivers ,motorist and citizens adhered to rules without supervision.

I have a dream that KDF and the police in general will be a force to reckon with, simply because of their commendable work in protecting its citizens.

Oh yes! I have a dream that things will be affordable to all in Kenya, that North Eastern province will be competing with Rift Valley as well as other regions in feeding Kenya. In my dream there were no IDP camps or even beggars on the streets. Kenyans only acknowledged on tribe, KENYAN and followed the words of our national anthem “may we dwell in unity peace and liberty plenty will be found within our borders “.

Let's share this dream.

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