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Mar 07


poetry /

I want to be like you.

I want to smile at a girl and see her blush.

Drink with the boys all weekend long and keep my wife at bay.

Be muscular so I can hide my cowardice.

Kill spiders without a lending hand, no screams

Wake up no make-up, no weave.

Take Physics and Chemistry.

Watch horror movies all alone.

And talk little.

I want to take my rightful posture, pee while standing.

Be a man in grief and cry deep in the night if need be.

Be an heir too, father!

No heels no more.

Fight to prove a point.

Have a deep voice and shift place in the choir.

For once not to care how I look, to just be.

So look me in the eye and say yes!

Because I want to be like you.

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