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Sep 14



Hi, how are you? It’s been like 16 hours 38 minutes and 12 no make that 13 seconds (but whose counting) since I popped the question. This then led to you walking out on me. My watch clocks at 12.00 am at night. Downstairs one can hear an irate husband beating the pulp out of his wife as usual. I used to wonder why she would always return back to her furious atrocious villainous husband of a man but lately I have become sagacious to think otherwise, seeing I always take you back. I can’t sleep, I keep thinking of your safety. None of your friends are replying to my texts not even one particular friend am closer with, perhaps adhering to some girl code of sort. Two hours pass and still no word, the couple downstairs are tired of fighting and are now dead asleep, my conscious is killing. Was it where I did it, I was sure I knelt down on one knee, was it the wrong time of the day? . It cant be the ring because we didn't even get to that part. All this thoughts and more invading my mind. I try to keep myself busy by cleaning the rose petals spread all over the house. we didn't even reach the champagne part. Three hours and am done, most of the celebratory meals are in the fridge. Seems kind of awful to throw them away. I have taken the ring out of the cake so that it won’t freak you again. The house is now spotless.

There is a aloud ,fragile knock on the door, my hearts jumps with joy because I know who it is. I rush to the door. I can’t help myself from laughing at what i was seeing but I do so inwardly( Abdi has a scalding temper). Abdi always looks funny when angry. He had every reason to, he was angry with you for doing an interior design of his cab with all the drinks you had taken. ; you could barely stand let alone walk. More than one” drunk sessions” had made me an acquaintance with Abdi, a short plumb cab driver who was always on call. He’s normally on standby whenever you and your friends invade the night life in clubs. In fact I pay him extra just to bring you home safely. You just think it’s a random driver but believe me he is a friend . I carry you out of the cab and take you inside to lay to you on the sofa. Abdi honks, I rush outside to pay the guy as usual only this time i was obliged to pay more for all the trouble you had caused by puking all over his car. He smiles and says” wachana na huyu msichana’, in all my naivety I brush him off with a “ni mapenzi” he laughs and says “same time and place next week? I get the joke but I don’t want to laugh. As soon as I pay him, he speeds off leaving smoke signals all over. I get back inside to take care of you.

There is scented hot water in the tub suited for a party animal like you, I take you there and bathe you, not to worry am used to this. Trust me to know everything you are allergic to. I would however not say the same for you, you made me a peanut sandwich the other week and you know am allergic to peanuts or maybe you forgot, (that’s all water under a bridge) you are half awake, after that I give you some aspirin to ease the headache. By now you have strength to mumble a “thank you dear’. I then take you to bed, cover you and turn off the lights. You look exquisite when you sleep, anyone would be jubilant after witnessing such a scene. Your accomplished eye lids hug your eyes effortlessly like a mother would to a prodigal son. Not a twitch or spasm. A body on total peace likes a baby in its first throes of slumber. I am suddenly brought back to realty when my phone rings, I wonder who it is?. Just as I suspected, its one of your friends stranded in the middle of nowhere. Am tempted to say no but I go anyway. My chivalry will kill me one day.Before I go, I take your squalid “party clothes” to the washing machine because they reek of alcohol and urine. It is totally accidental (I would never go through your things) but I find a note written “hope to see you soon” and written mike below it. Still I choose to ignore or perhaps am oblivious.

Some may call my optimism tragic but I call it unconditional love. I kiss you goodnight, pick my car keys and head off to save the damsel in distress.

The guard opens the gate and throws a ‘where the hell are you going at ‘glance at me. Believe me, I would have loved to explain but I just smile and speed off.Besides am a grown ass man. I find your friend sitting alone on a bench in a park crying. I get out of the car and head towards her with a jacket I had to remove off me. I cover her with jacket as I apologize on behalf of the all men that have ever hurt her. We stay there in the park for a while; my arms stretched around her. She is now comfortable and sober enough to walk to the car, but still I carry her anyway. (occupational hazard). We are now inside the car and things start getting vivacious, she starts caressing me and even tries to kiss me but am quick to hold her gently and explain how she’s not in her right mind and that most of all, am taken. She mumbles “you are too good for Veronica”, I just shrug and we take off. It took us about an hour to reach her apartments. Inside, I find some lemons and fruits in the kitchen which I quickly turned into a concoction so that she can drink. Minute’s later shes superb, so I tuck her in and rush to you my better half. Though it was a struggle before she let go of my shirt. I practically had to leave my coat. I liked that coat.

The watchman opens the gate and throws a “that was quick’ glance at me. This time I totally ignore him. I quietly open the front door slowly to avoid waking you, to my joy you still asleep. A quick glance at the window and the sun is rising, I have to go to work regardless of my lack of sleep but first I have to prepare a heavy breakfast for you before you wake up. d. I know you will wake up with a ravenous appetite. Plus all the energy you lost last night has to be replenished.Just in case you wake up with a migraine or you are confused you will find notes on the fridge.i dash to the bathroom, after everything I did today one would think I am a waiter at Sabina joy(no pun intended). Just Remember dear, you are my heart and I love you very much

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