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Apr 25




Boxing may not be as popular as football in Kenya but unless you live on the moon then you must have heard about this fight. Some are even calling it the match of the century with revenues expected to break records. These two men are among the greatest boxers to ever grace the ring. Their rivalry can only be compared to the “Messi-Ronaldo” feud. On one corner of the ring we have Floyd Mayweather(whose nickname is money) who can be likened to cr7, Floyd has a brash persona, taller than Manny ,ego centric, arrogant and all about the “blings and fancy lifestyle”. On the other corner we have Manny who is as short as Messi, humble and very likeable. So likeable that he is a house representative in Philippines (like a member of parliament). They even allowed him to use the Philippines’ anthem. Manny puts drake’s song of “started from the bottom now we here” to good use having started from absolutely nothing to being one of the richest, greatest boxer to ever grace the ring.

On 3rd may 2015(aproxx a week from now) these two athletes will face off at the MGM arena (Floyds area code). Floyd and Manny have never faced each other in the ring before, which makes it even more interesting. They were suppose to fight each other a few years ago when both of them were undefeated (I think it would have been more interesting) but it never materialized.Manny lost some matches in 2012 whilst remained unbeaten. Floyd has the daunting task of maintaining his winning streak. Here is a little bio of the two.

Floyd Mayweather

So far Floyd Mayweather has fought 47 times and won all of them (26 by KO). He is also a 5 time division world champion. Many have said that Floyd’s matches are not entertaining or exciting (if you ask me, as long they are effective in that it makes him win, he could care less about what the fans think). Some of Floyd’s tactics are high elbow blocks, head pull, shoulder roll, high guard drop jab, fore arm crash, leaning right, opening guard, push tactics and slap and hook on the inside. Mayweather is known for his defensive mechanisms( I guess the adage that defence wins champions can best describe Floyd.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny has fought 64 games, winning 57 of them (38 by ko), lost 5 and drew 2 times. He is an 8 time division world champion. Also known as Pac man, Manny’s games are exhilarating and fun to watch. His style of play is very different from Mayweather’s.He is aggressive which makes his fights entertaining. I personally like his vertical jabs and his triangular jabs, some of his other tricks include:- one legged-lead left, fore arm defense, double left sneak,left step left cross,right hook counter over left jab.

My prediction

A lot of people are predicting that Floyd will win and I half heartedly agree. The packman has an uphill task that am afraid he might not be able to overcome. I always root for underdogs and ordinarily I would root for Manny but in this case I think Floyd Mayweather will win (oh boy I hope am wrong). I think it is enough that the the most powerful leader is black, no need to dominate everything. I hope the white guy wins.#TEAM MANNY

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