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Oct 09


​Could Bubblews be the biggest scam?

So everyone has been crazy about one site Bubblews in recent times. For those who haven't heard about it yet, then you are getting your hustle all wrong. Bubblews has this package that allows for users to make money through macro-blog postings. They describe themselves as a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network. Still, the emphasis is on profiting element. Now don't get too excited. Let me take you to the outset of the story line.

Torn shirt

Mid April this year, I got an invitation from within my circles to join, in what the sender then called, “a quick way to make easy cash” site. I brushed it off, just like any other normal human being would do. I did however pay attention to the name. More or less because it combined two things that I could relate to. Bubbles that used to make my childhood fun and news that kept me glued to the screen at some point when politics was mature.

It was only weeks later that I would set up an account after a close friend convinced me that indeed some guys were making serious money off it. That was late May. With a handful of posts published, I took a hiatus after it became clear to me the site needed a lot of attention than I initially thought. Snail-paced earnings growth didn't help the matter. I would make a come back mid August having learned some few tricks on how to make it big. The fact that the team had re-branded the site to create an authentic designed boosted its UX and raised my hopes of beating my last sojourn.

Soon my earnings clocked $50, the minimum amount a user can be allowed to redeem. In my mind I was 4k richer with an effort not close to what Mjengo guys put forth for crazy peanuts. Redemption after redemption would follow in what you could easily be branded spirited chase. However, I started noting weird things. First was the period it took for payments to start processing. A record 30 days made absolutely no sense but then again someone was quick to point me to the terms of use. Talking about ToU, who reads them anyway?

I would also question how I was able to sign up twice for the site using same email address. Ask any web developer out there and he will tell you that is probably the gravest mistake. I was still psyched up though but the bomb would explode when they started cheating on payment deadlines.

When my delayed payments were long overdue, I wrote an email raising an alarm on the same. Their response, a late one mind you, was a shocker. They asked for a screen shot of the redemption or date of the same, a demand that was stated nowhere in their terms of use.

Take a case of an e-commerce site like Jumia. You make online order and your bank account charged. Then your order delays for a couple of days and you inquire from their team. A response like 'send us a screen shot of your order' could send you into a comma. Bubblews shouldn't be any different. I might have gotten a single redemption but that was a spit on the face.

Their behavior raises serious concerns. I wouldn't be puzzled if they posted a newsletter of how they wouldn't pay people with usernames such as Ibrahim and Mohammed. I mean, US establishment would be the last to throw some cash to Alshabaab militants.

Truth is, Bubblews is cashing huge on Advertisements for which they can't explain how it takes that long to clear. Google adense returns doesn't take a quarter of that time to clear. What Bubblews won't tell you is that they are stealing from you. What they tell you is that their team is made up of 13 people tasked with handling huge chunk of redemptions from around the globe. Who said things can't be automated?

Now back to our question, is Bubblews a scam? I guess time will tell..

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