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Apr 15


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My heart never Learns, it now yearns the embrace of yet another

Pounding so fast at her sight you would think it’s a race against time

If you ask me, just another case of not being sane

How else would you explain being wounded without an end but still failing to make amend?

Did we not deliberate about this? Did we not decide to remain celibate for a while?

Forget not the lonely nights, the frequent fights or even the wronged rights.

Our well of tears

Can’t you see beyond your stubbly goatee, underneath that vulnerable sheath?

Are the scars on us a decoration? Do you not see the correlation?

We had a deal, until we find a love so-real

My heart never learns, it now yearns the embrace of another.

The thrill of the chase still appealing to it, despite not fully recovering from the last phase

This heart of mine is too optimistic to become realistic; we always end up being a statistic of the wreckage it leaves at its wake.

One more quake and I guarantee your vulnerable sheath will crumble.

This time, am down on my knees, begging you please

Resist the itch; clamp your fist if you have too

For this thing thing called love is a leach, intending to fleece on our accord and breach our wall of peace,’

My heart never learns, it now yearns the embrace of another

I plead with you; take heed of my words before we bleed out. This I know because my fears will turn to tears.

Who knows you better? Who has been with you through every weather?

Side by side I have, with every stride you take, through your highest and lowest tide, with pride as our shield but still you cast me aside.

It breaks me to my core, to know that there is no more strength left in me to pick up the pieces the next time this happen all over again.

Need I say more, make us whole or turn us to corpse

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