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May 10



She is home alone in an apartment in Lavington. She can barely imagine that just a few months ago she was breaking bread with bed bugs at the school hostel. Things are now different, she is seated on Corinthian leather seats, Axminster leather carpet and everything luxurious thing her ego could accommodate. In her hand is a glass of wine, the finest that Italy could import. The metamorphosis from the streets to the castle was fast indeed evident not only by the apartment but more so by the Mercedes ben z car parked outside her apartment.

Her train of personal gentrification is cut short by a conceitous doorbell which she quickly runs to answer.

Her face lights up at the sight of her visitor. A burlesque man with a meek physic accompanied by a bulging stomach. She wrestles the stomach as she tries to hug him.

"Hi, babe?"

"Am good dear, how was your day?"

"Not bad, we had no classes just a couple of cats (continuous assessments exams)"

She get him a glass of black label whisky as they sit

She moves closer to him, caressing his white hair then proceeding to his beards. They then move to the bedroom to engage further.

In a matter of seconds they are done, she is a quick study and she knows that this is the best time to ask for anything.

"So babe, there is this trip our class is going to and I want to go on air like my friends Sasha and Kate who already have tickets"

He remains silent for a few seconds and mutters," How much do you need'?

"Just 60K"

"Anything for you, call my personal assistant Andrew and he will take care of it".

She lights up with excitement and gladly initiates the second round

On the other side of town.

It 11 pm and no sign of her husband. What bothered her the most was that she had no clue as to where he was? She knew that her husband had mistresses and that’s why she hired a private investigator to track them all 3 of them. She somehow managed to amicably talk to all of them and come up with an understanding. They would keep off holidays, not talk to him when he was at home and most importantly ensure he gets home by 11. All 3 of them swore that they had not seen him that particular day. As the lioness of the house she did not like when she was not in control. One thing she was taught by her mother was that a woman is supposed to shield her family from shame. She did not want a scenario where the mistresses would later claim a stake in their hard earned money once either of them dies or one of them get ambitious to become the second wife.

She finally hears a honk at the gate and her wave of worry subsides but then her anger inflates. The watch man who was deep asleep quickly awakens and opens the gate.He parks the car gently, and notices that the living room lights are still on.A storm is definitely brewing, he quickly wears his wedding ring and heads inside shaking like a fragile leaf against the wind.

"You are unusually late today"?

"We had a late impromptu meeting in the office, you know we are going public this year"

"Have you eaten"?

"Not yet" he had already eaten but he dared not tell her

She serves him as she scans his suit looking for any lip stick stain or an unusual perfume.

She kisses her husband on the cheek and tell him good night. Just as she is about to make a turn for the stairs that heads to the bedroom she remarks' hope you are playing it safe"

The guilt plastered on his face confirms her theory. He was never a good lier, it's one of the many things she fell in love with.

He knows that today he will sleep in the guest room.

Both of them couldn’t sleep, the Mr. was too guilty to sleep and the mrs was reminiscing of the good old days. She vividly remembered the first day they met, at the church choir, both were singing alto. Back then their love was golden, young and free. They had nothing other than their love. Things have changed. Now they have three kids, more money than they need and her husband is promiscuous. She herself was not a saint either.

He wakes up very early and heads to work to avoid any altercation with the Mrs.

It is 11 o'clock, he gets a text from his new mistress, she say it's urgent and he should head to Nyayo round about. He speeds off to save the damsel in distress. Just when he is almost finishing Uhuru highway, he gets a call from his wife that some other car has hit her from behind and damaged her bumper. It's something small and she is fine. She tells her to call her driver to assist, he is currently in a meeting. She agrees.

He finally reaches Nyayo round about only to get the shock of his life.

Her mistress has hit his wife's car. He tries to speed off past them but they notice him.

"Babe? Babe?" he hears his mistress shouting, seconds later his phone rings, it’s the Mrs.

He has no idea how he would redeem himself, perhaps he would suggest that they go for a holiday for a month and then therapy after that, he thinks.He does not go back to the office, he heads straight to a club in south b to drink his worries. The driver picks him after hours of intoxication and takes him home. Mike staggers to the bedroom, he is too drunk to notice anything. He just drops on the bed like a log and dozes off. His wife is also in bed, she gets up and confirms her husband is dead asleep. She then signals to Wafula the night guard to get out of the closet. Wafula slowly puts on his attire and leaves but not without giving the mrs a kiss right in front of the husband. That was a close one, she has to be more careful

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