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Oct 09


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This is me drawing inspiration from a continent with great expectation so allow me to hold this conversation for our lost generation. You can try to contain me or join me in my responsibility to create a disparity between Africa and the rest of the world because i believe we are better than the rest.

Africa it’s time to awake because I know we have what it takes to make Africa a better place if only we don’t discriminate since it leads to hate which we need to eliminate before it is too late. All I want is to use this opportunity to preach unity and conformity across all communities before we shift priorities and end up with bad policies which leads to casualties. It begins with you and me joining hands as friends and accepting the situation. It is then that we can face our tribulations with much articulation and consideration in order to come up with long lasting solutions. I believe education is a good start and without access, Africa will hurriedly regress. We should therefore replace our guns with pens, ammunitions with kind words and embrace a new war against ignorance and illiteracy.

Ethnicity, tribalism, and nepotism should all be removed from our metabolism by using the appropriate mechanisms so as to cultivate patriotism and heroism. Impunity, disunity can all be eliminated through equality. Imagine the endless possibility of prosperity if we could do away with inequality.

We are in eminent danger if we continue choosing unworthy leaders who are thirsty for money and would do anything for power. Leaders have an uphill task to kick impunity by spreading unity and should therefore be driven by the will of the people and in that way they can fulfill their legal duties to the people.

A lot of predicament we are facing now can be easily avoided, take for example our involvement in taking care of our environment. Governments should take initiative and encourage planting of trees, through this famine and drought can be eliminated throughout Africa.Africa is truly blessed with wildlife which we can utilize if only we realize what they symbolize to us. We therefore have to enact laws which protect our animals.

One voice, one choice…let us rejoice in being African.

GOD Bless Africa

Best regards- #team African

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